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Lifetime Achievement 2018 –

Ken Cupitt

A highlight of the evening – just one among many – was when LCN Editor Kathy Bowry presented Ken Cupitt with the LCN Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 Award for his commitment and dedication to the textile care industry – especially its people.


Ken Cupitt, FGCL, Chairman of Council & Examination Board, Guild of Cleaners and Launderers received a standing ovation from an appreciative audience, a clear indication of the esteem in which he is held by the industry he has made his own.


In presenting the award, Kathy said: “This award goes to a man who could be compared to mild mannered Clark Kent. Somebody who, according to his friends and colleagues shuns centre stage but is a veritable superman when it comes to the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers. For anyone who has attended a Guild conference or training, he will be a familiar figure, on the podium, and beware the presenter who overruns his spot when this guy is in charge.


“I know Ken will be an extremely popular choice. This man has made the industry his own and his hard work has been of great value to many textile care operators in their careers.”

Friend and colleague Roger Cawood, LCN contriburor and author of our regular slot ‘Trade Secrets’ said: “I have known Ken since the 1980s and over the years we have worked together on many occasions.  For many years, Ken ran his own commercial/industrial laundry and is a very well respected industry member and holds a senior position in The Worshipful Company of Launderers.


“Ken has always been a fervent supporter of The Guild and a strong believer in its role as the main provider of education, information, and support services within the laundry and dry cleaning industries for which, in his retirement, he continues to work tirelessly and without remuneration. In fact, it is true to say that due to Ken’s unstinting efforts and tireless devotion to the affairs of The Guild, that today the guild is still able to provide strong industry support when so many similar industry bodies have fallen by the wayside.


“Ken is one of the most hard working and honourable men I have been fortunate enough to be associated with and, In short, I cannot think of a more worthy recipient for the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Chris Tebbs of the International Drycleaners Congress said: “I think that what he has done for the industry over the years, particularly with the GCL, makes him an eminently suitable choice and I support this wholeheartedly.


“He has never been one to seek glory for himself or even to push himself forward but has often stepped in to do jobs that benefit the industry and others just because it is the thing to do and, one area that probably goes unsung more than most is the tremendous effort that he has put  into the GCL Examinations as well as his considerable support for the GCL and its primary aim to improve the knowledge and skills of the Industry in the UK.”

Brian Pearce FGCL said that when Ken began his career in the 1960’s. “You had to learn your craft both academically and practically. He was soon recognised as an icon by his fellow trainees for his commitment to hard work and his thirst for knowledge. He worked through the day and then attended evening classes at the local college. If anyone in the industry, including myself, needs the answer to a problem then Ken is the Oracle of choice to go to.


“It is true to say that the Guild has survived, where many trade associated groups have failed, and this is solely due to Ken’s leadership skills and dedication to sharing his knowledge and experience through the Guild or other organisations.


“I know that Ken’s ambition is to make a difference, I would like him to know that he has and continues to do so. Long may it continue.”

From left: Kathy Bowry, Editor of LCN; Ken Cupitt, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award and celebrity host Kate Thornton

"A mild mannered Clark Kent": Ken Cupitt received the Lifetime Achievement Award to a standing ovation

Laundry and Cleaning News Editor, Kathy Bowry, announcing the winner of the 2018 LCN Lifetime Achievement Award

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