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Independents entered in

CINET Global Best Practices Awards 2018 at EXPOdetergo 2018

As well as being a winner in the UK, entrants in this year’s LCN Awards scheme could also go forward for selection into the CINET Global Best Practice Awards 2020 at Texcare International in Frankfurt next year with flights and accommodation paid for.

Shortridge and Seven Dials Dry Cleaners will be heading to ExpoDetergo to take part in the CINET Global Best Practices Awards with their travel and accommodation paid for by the organisation.


Now there is more good news on this subject: Leon Wennekes, director general of CINET, was so impressed by the standard of the competition in the Awards that he has hinted to LCN other category winners may well be hearing from CINET to be UK finalists in 2018. More on that news as things develop…watch this space.

CINET has teamed up with The LCN Awards scheme as the UK source for its own prestigious global awards, which take place every two years.

Independent drycleaner Seven Dials and independent laundry Shortridge, both category winners, find out from Leon Wennekes, direector general of CINET, that that they will be entered as finalists in the Global Best Practices Awards in Milan next October.

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