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The LCN Reader-voted Honours

This year, Laundry and Cleaning News is proud to announce a brand new element to the LCN Awards. We are inviting our readers to cast their expert votes on the suppliers of the year. It is you, the launderers and drycleaners who are the real experts, as you use these products every day, so it is only fair that you cast the deciding votes.


We will be asking readers to cast their votes based on the quality of the products, the support provided, and the customer service of the supplier. All eligible votes that meet the rules below will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of 5 Marks and Spencer vouchers, which will be picked at random.


Strict rules do apply for voting, which are:

  1. There must only be one vote per person - multiple votes will be disqualified.

  2. All voters must include their full name, company name and email address - failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  3. Only laundry and drycleaning operators can vote - all other votes will be automatically disqualified.

  4. All votes will be checked against our reader database before being accepted and counted - to subscribe to Laundry and Cleaning News, please click here.

  5. Only UK-based businesses can vote - all international votes will be disqualified.

*Please note that all votes will receive an automatic reply upon casting. This does not mean it will be counted. All votes will be independently verified upon closing. If your vote has been disqualified, we reserve the right not to contact you and you will not be entered into the draw for one of 5 Marks and Spencer vouchers.*

Voting will open on Monday 3rd February 2020, and will be open for 4 weeks. Then, when it closes, all votes will be independently checked and verified before being counted. All ineligible votes will be disqualified.


The winners of the reader-voted awards will be announced at our lavish ceremony in London in 2020. Shortlisted companies will be announced in due course.

The LCN reader-voted categories are:

Chemical Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year

Machine Manufacturer of the Year

Textiles Supplier of the Year


Voting opens at 9am on Monday 3rd February 2020 and closes at 9am on Monday 2nd March 2020. Once open, the link to casting your vote will appear here.

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